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  • Created Nov 2 '09
  • Last Post Jul 7 '10 at 3:42am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

I am here officially raising Avatar to up to 1/4th (25%) your point value.

Additionally, I am going to allow Allies (but not Ally Groups) worth up to 25% of your point value.

This contradicts the PDF, which I'll get to updating as soon as I figure out how...

Also, the SM range limit applies to Allies as well, but it is being increased to -4 to +4.

You were once a small spark of consciousness, a spirit, if you will, perhaps tied to a place, or a tree, or even a rock. Or perhaps you roamed free. Whatever the case, your memory of this time is hazy. You weren't quite intelligent yet, not back then. You desired little, but one driving desire you had was hard for your simple psyche to express yet all the same, you desired worship.

Sometime, you gained self-awareness. This occurred when someone started believing in you. Your mind went through an instant evolution, and you suddenly realized that you wanted worship. Using your new abilities granted through being believed in, you used your still limited power to reinforce this belief. Largely, people start believing in spirits through times of great and desperate need, so perhaps you satisfied this need. Or perhaps someone was thanking the spirit of a place for a fortunate occurrence, so you gave them a sign that you were there and acknowledged their thanks. At this point, you became a god.

What you do after this, is up to you. No matter what the decision is, though, know this the moment you became a god, you began craving worship. You thrive on it the more worship you have, the more powerful you become. Prayer replenishes your divine energies, and belief in you lets you grow more powerful. How you gain this worship is where you may differ from other gods. Do you help your followers by spreading a message of peace, or are you a ruthless tyrant, ruling through fear?

The world is split into two major continents, Terra Antiquus and Terra Novus. Terra Novus is a wild place, untamed with people who may or may not be civilized. Terra Antiquus has many powerful kingdoms. In order of military power:

The kingdom of Stay The Heck Out, ruled by xenophobic dwarves and mad-scientist gnomes.
The republic of Midplains, consisting of brave men, mercantile dwarves and creative elves.
The kingdom of Sylva, the forest nation of the elitist elves.
The principality of Gruggmire, a loose coalition of ogre and orc tribes.
The kingdom of Grenold, filled with happy halflings.

They have their own gods, though Midplains and Grenold are at least somewhat open to new religions. There are also many smaller kingdoms filled with a mixture of peoples and smaller, pagan gods.

The most popular god is Iosephus, the great god of good. He is worshiped throughout the Midplains, Sylva and Grenold, with minor cults in the other major kingdoms and minor kingdoms.

Another popular god is Meh, the god of apathy and neutrality. He tries not to get involved much, though, and doesn't mind if his followers pay tribute to other gods, as well.

Another somewhat popular god is Stynn, a god who refused to put any vowels in his name. He is, while not exactly evil, not very nice, either. He is worshipped in Gruggmire, with minor cults in the other kingdoms.

Geographically speaking, there is a large woodland to the west on the continent of Terra Antiquus, with large grasslands in the middle. South of the grasslands there is a rocky and sandy desert region. South of that are large mountains. In the very north there are also mountains. The kingdom Stay the Heck Out spans over the northern mountains and encroaches a bit into the woodlands and the plains. Midplains takes up most of the plains, except for a small bit to the east where Grenold lies. Sylva consists of all the woodlands that aren't in Stay the Heck out. Gruggmire's region is that of swamps in the south of the grasslands, and the desert to the south of that.

Your God (and You)

When creating your god, consider the following questions:
What are you a god of?
What are your goals other than to gain worship?
What messages do you wish to impart on your followers?
How do you recruit more followers?
What do you feel about pantheons?
How do you feel about sacrifices?


Godlings represent the lowest rung of deities. They have just gained self-awareness and they desire worship. They are represented by the following template, which you must take:

Godling (606 points)
Advantages: Doesn't Breathe [20], Doesn't Eat or Drink [20], Doesn't Sleep [20], Elastic Skin [20], Immune to Metabolic Hazards [30], Injury Tolerance (Diffuse) [100], Insubstantiality (Always on, Affects Substantial) [120], Invisibility (Usually On, Affects Machines, Cosmic) [76], Mindlink (up to 999 followers)* [30], Pressure Support 3 [15], Recovery [10], Regeneration (Extreme) (Cannot Heal HP lost to lack of belief) [135], Regrowth [40], Unaging [15], Vacuum Support [5]

Disadvantage: Dependency (Worship) (Common, constant) [-50]

* Your Mindlink automatically improves to encompass all your followers, when you gain more.

Godlings are worth 1106 points, meaning that they have 500 points beyond the template to spend. They make take up to -100 points of disadvantages. What they may spend their points on is nearly unlimited, but not entirely.

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