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The Revanchist Chronicles: Chasing Shadows

The Story
Onderon. A planet raided by the Mandalorians in 3,996BBY. It's moon Dxun was too attacked and taken over. Thirty-two (32) years later Dxun is a bastion of strength for the Mandalorians who are still fighting the same war. And although the have not attacked Onderon since, there are rumors of a grand force gathering in secret on the planet. Many locals are beginning to live in fear and walk with ever roaming eyes as the number of deaths rise slowly across the whole planet.

The rumors of the gathering force have reached the ears of Revan his his followers, the Revanchists. Unwilling to allow a massacre to happen by ignoring rumors, Revan decides to take a closer look. He and a small group of his followers will travel to the planet and, hopefully unnoticed, investigate these rumors.

This is a Star Wars Saga game. I noticed a distinct lack of games and decided to fill in a bit. I am looking for three (3) players to play Revanchists. For details on the faction see Wookieepedia link HERE. You will be investigating rumors of a growing Mandalorian force on the planet Onderon.

Although they are said to be all Jedi, non-Jedi classes and droids applications are more than welcome. Just as Mandalorians are farmers and dentists as well as great warriors, I'd like to think non-force sensitive persons would join as well.

And, yes, Revanchists do eventually become the Sith Empire.... but they started out with the best of intentions, so no DSP to start. Although gaining them through the game is acceptable. But doing so will more than likely probably have repercussions from superiors.

So the basics...
Who: Revan and a small group of Revanchists
What/Why: Investigating rumors of a growing Mandalorian force.
Where: Onderon
When: 3,964 BBY

Source: I have the core rulebook and Starships immediately available, others OK too
Starting level: 3
Players: 3
Restrictions: 0 DSP
How often: I can post daily and I would hope you do too

To apply give me an idea of....
Build - what you want to do or how you want to play the character
Writing - write your characters response to this... "It's a cold, dark night on Tatooine. The two sunsets are over and darkness steals the warmth from the skin. A single soul (that's you!) walks along the dunes, careful to keep its head down and watching as each step sinks into the sand. A shadow passes over your foot, though you know there is nothing around to cast a shadow. Looking up you barely can make out a gaffi stick smack you in the face! A Tusken Raider howls with joy. You hear his companions echo his howl as you fall back, landing flat on your back."

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