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Game DescriptionThe year is 136 ABY. The galaxy is once again at war. The usurper Darth Krayt and his One Sith threaten to dominate all species. The remainder of the Fel Empire and the Galactic Alliance Remnant fight to survive and resist the absolute rule of the Sith. While the Jedi Order would once have intervened, they are splintered and now virtually non-existent. Battles between the three factions take place all over the galaxy, and the future of the universe as a whole looks dire.

However, pockets of resistance spring up on a local scale, though these rebellions are usually squashed before much can be made of them. However, some take hold of a system and violence ensues. When news of these revolutions makes its way to political ears, troops are sent to quell or reinforce the locals. In such cases, it often falls to volunteer soldiers to sustain the fight and achieve victory. One such rebellion in the Outer Rim becomes particularly vicious with all three factions taking huge casualties. Rather than end the violence, each group continues to compete for their own interests. However, a cell of resistance from the outside has the chance to bring this conflict to an end. But, which side will you choose?

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