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At the height of Netheril’s power, the fortress of Spellgard held
many great secrets of the Empire of Magic. Now only ruins
remain . . . and one last guardian, the near-mythical Lady
Saharel, whose prophetic visions draw the desperate and the
doomed from across Faerūn. But a dark presence in one of
Spellgard’s intact towers wants to control the power of prophecy
for itself and remake the future in its own image.
Designed for 2nd-level characters, Scepter Tower of Spellgard™
brings heroes to the cusp of 5th level. The adventure is set in the
Forgotten Realms ® campaign setting, but is easily adaptable to
any setting.

This was taken right from the back of the module and is a fairly precise telling of what's going on. I'm planning on running a group of 4-5 players through this adventure and possibly more if the interest and commitment is there. Rather than 2nd level, I'll be starting PCs at 1st (standard gear allotment and 22 point buy attributes) and running a prologue that will get everyone to first before the campaign proper begins. To that end, I'm open to any published WoTC material.

This will not be a standard dungeon crawl, and might not be for some of people as such. While I intend on running with the module as published, I'll also be tweaking the encounters. It's a personal belief of mine that each challenge in a game should be that, a challenge. It should also be unique, and I will try to bring that across. There won't be a boring/normal combat if I do my job correctly.

Having said that, I also have expectations of the players that I recruit. I'll be looking for commitment to an above-average game in both posts and effort. There will be characters at my table, not maxed numbers in a grid. If this does not sound like something you would like to participate in, do not apply. I appreciate and respect the time and effort that goes into playing a game like this and hope that my players can do the same for me. Courtesy is the name of the game and I reward it well.

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