Game Masters

Game Information

Game Description

Homebrewed Setting

Standard Point Buy: 25

Starting Level is 1

4e Core Rules, PHB II, and Martial Power will be the available texts

The game will be a Lighthearted plot, but within a realistic setting, character designs should reflect that.

Please include at least two plot hooks in your character back story.

The Campaign: There is a guild that people turn to when they need to guarantee a high-value package is delivered to the right person, on time. The service isn't cheap, but the deliveries aren't easy. The Couriers have three rules:

Deliver the Package to its Intended Destination On Time

Don't Ask Questions


Never Open The Package.

You are members of the Couriers, they pay you good money to make sure that packages are delivered, but the job isn't easy, and Couriers have died before. Still, you think you can handle it.

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