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Your character will be from the town of Framtonpoole. It is a fairly large town surrounded by a large stone wall built on the side of what was thought to be an extinct volcano. The game will begin shortly before people discover it was not extinct. The game will begin with some wilderness exploration but after that it is up to you.

Houserules- see section on game forum

Character generation
Character start at ECL 1 (if i get a large number of people wanting to play a race with a small level adjustment
HP max at first level roll if/when you level up
Starting gold role you classes starting gold
Stats Roll 4d6 6 times dropping the lowest each time (dice code 6m4d6v1) if you get less than a +6 total modifier (negative modifiers do count for calculating this) or if your highest roll is less than a 15 you may re roll but you must keep your last roll so you may not wish to reroll. (all roles go on the approprate section of the game forum

Allowed sources
All completes
Expanded Psionics handbook
Book of exalted deeds
Planer handbook (I am not planing on making this a particularly planer campaign but is could be)
Unearthed Arcana (ask before using anything form here though)
Also no druids (this is for campaign reasons not any dislike for druids on my part)
Magic of Incanrium
Tome of Battle

I do not want full background or personality at this point. When you apply please put your application in private tags. What i do want is a character sheet, background and personalty to the degree that is fixed (not dependent on the campaign) if you only give me a character sheet and a name that is fine and the character sheet does not have to be complete. After you give me this information I will create a private thread for you on the game and then begin asking you questions and providing you with more information and possibly role playing parts of your background

I think that's everything any questions just ask

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