Seasons of Destruction

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 18 '09
  • Last Post Apr 24 '13 at 9:17pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

The Twisted Earth is rife with violence and hardship. In the last days of The Final War, all manner of atrocities were committed and all of the stops were pulled out as the world's nations used every despicable weapon in their arsenals to destroy their enemies. In the United States, the government even unleashed the fury of it's weapons of mass destruction against some of it's own cities to stem the tide of invasion. Technological horrors unseen before or since rained down from the heavens bringing fire, poison, and plague. The earth shuddered, and mankind was broken.

Now, generations have passed, and mankind has once again clambered to the fore, only this time he is not alone. Mutants and monsters created by the tools of the ancients share the realm, and they intend to thrive.

Strangely, the Fertile Crescent was spared the level of devastation wrought on the rest of the land. Lying haphazardly between the blasted, irradiated ruins of the east coast and the desolate wastelands of the west, The Fertile Crescent region may be the single best hope for reestablishing some semblance of civilization after the long downward spiral that mankind has endured since The Fall.

Of course, that would require heroes...

There are several factions responsible for the underlying power-struggle taking place in The Fertile Crescent. Some of them have allied with one another, but most have an ulterior motive unknown to their compatriots. At the center of the conflict is the battle over the most precious resource on The Twisted Earth: water. More specifically, clean water.

The cities of Bastion and Purity, longtime neighbors and one-time allies, have severed their ties over Bastion's breaking of Purity's monopoly on clean water. In their anger, Purity has allowed itself to fall in with ideological enemies of Bastion in the form of The White Knights, the dominant group of Troy and spreaders of anti-mutant sentiment.

While the drums of war grow steadily louder throughout the Fertile Crescent, both sides seek the means to end the conflict on the winning side, and all around them skulk those waiting to pick the bones of the fallen. If war can be averted, mankind may finally pick itself up and begin the arduous process of building a new future.

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