The Tomb of Al'Katesh

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Cities paved with gold. Towers made of the finest crystal. Libraries full of ancient books. Such were the days under Ali Al'Katesh.

He was the greatest ruler of Khorvaire, loved by the people and appreciated by the nobles. So great was his fame, that when he died, a tomb the size of a city, and richer than all the nobles combined was built for him.

For the longest time, treasure hunters have searched for his tomb, and many have died in the process. Rumours have begun that the greatest treasure-hunter ever, Corey Carrier, has found it. Now, he has sent for your help. It will be perilous, and it will be exciting, but it will be a race. It is a race against time, and against other hunters, to bring back his treasure and claim the title of the one who found the Tomb of Al'Katesh.

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