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  • Created Nov 26 '09
  • Last Post Feb 17 '10 at 6:01am
  • Status Complete
  • System Spycraft

Game Description

Spycraft setting: The cold war is over, Nations still send people in to deal with problems. The world governments have said they disbanded their secret service organizations. You know better. Your last job was behind enemy lines and no one knows it was you. Every world government has its operatives. Now however there is a new player on the field. The private sector has hired the people that were caught in the down sizing. Several corporations out there have the equivalent to several nations worth of the best.

Fantasycraft setting: The powers that be have once again sent word that they are in need of adventurers. Work is easy to come by, people always need someone to kill or loot something. The world needs people, your an adventurer, and love the gold it brings in. You seek wealth for any number of reasons. Fun, profit, medical aid for another, or for yourself. The list of reasons is as long as a drake's tail.

Characters: Both-sides - Characters are built on 42 points. No base score over 18. Modifiers can take it above. A strong character story is welcome.

Spycraft: All nationalities are available, as are several corporate teams. All classes and backgrounds from the Spycraft 2.0 book are available.

Fantasycraft: All races, are acceptable, the only feats that are removed are the gun feats. Gunpowder failed to work in the distant past. No guns of any kind.

When asking or applying, please state world. Spycraft or Fantasycraft. If enough people are interested both sides of the story will unfold. If not which ever has enough for a working team will unfold.

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