Harpoon 4: Mach 2 Vampires

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  • Created Dec 1 '09
  • Last Post May 26 '13 at 11:28am
  • Status Complete
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Game Description

[Game Master(s)]
Silent Hunter and probably someone else.

[Game Explanation]
A modern day naval clash using Larry Bond's Harpoon system. Anti-shipping missiles, fighters and torpedoes.

If you've ever read Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising, then you might have heard of Harpoon. This gaming system, with both paper and computer game versions, simulates modern-day naval warfare. From carriers to supersonic bombers to submarines, it's there.

Players submit all their moves for a turn at the same time- what sensors they're using, where they're moving, what weapons they're firing. All the moves are adjudicated together and players can only see what their sensors are telling them- with all the uncertainty that it entails.

What I plan to do is initially run two scenarios, a warm-up and a big one.

The warm-up: David & Goliath (initial kick-off 2 January 2010)

This scenario from the High Tide scenario book involves a Soviet surface action group trying to destroy a Norwegian submarine monitoring station and six NATO frigates trying to stop them.

There are a total of twelve ships in this scenario. I'd like to have one player a ship, but we will double up if need be. Players would only be able to take ships from one side though.

The big one: Splash One Mudhen (date TBA)

This will be epic. Re-creating part of Barrett Tillman's The Sixth Battle, this will pit a US carrier group against two Russian ones. Players will be choosing how to fulfil their goals and things will be very fast. Expect some twists too.

I'll be looking for 12 players here- overall commanders, an air group commander and four vessel commanders on each side. I may include submarines in this.

[Application Process]
PM Silent Hunter or apply via the game itself.

[Character Creation]
You can pick which ship/s you want on a first-come-first-served basis. If you want to do any IC story-telling, it would be highly appreciated.

[Any additional information or requirements]
You don't need to have a copy of Harpoon 4, but this and the High Tide data annexes will certainly help. Ship forms will be available to you.

You will need to do your own plotting- graph paper is alright, but I recommend buying CIC Combat Plotter.

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