Star Wars, the Galaxy's Last Hope

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  • Created Dec 4 '09
  • Last Post Feb 20 '10 at 10:42pm
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  • System Star Wars

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Star Wars, The Galaxy's Last Hope

The Trade Federation has put a blockade around the peaceful planet of Naboo. The Queen of Naboo, Queen Almadala, had asked help from Coruscant to free her people from the blockade. Two Jedis were sent to negotiate with the leaders of the Trade Federation. As the Jedis arrived on the lead ship of the Trade Federation they were executed before they could react. Almadala regrettably signed the treaty that Vice Roy Nute Gunray had made to settle this argument.

Ten years after the misinterpretation, as it was labeled in the files, Palpatine became the successor to become Chancellor. After Palpatine is chancellor, the Trade Federation becomes bolder in their actions and begin to take other planets like they did with Naboo. Palpatine, with out a real army, asks the Jedi to assist in the rising problem.

The Jedi respond by sending Jedi knight Deagen to negotiate with the Federation again. Deagen travels to Geonosis, the Trade Federation's main base, where he was ambushed by the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Deagen manages to get a message back to the Jedi Council before he is captured. The Council begins to make plans on how to save their comrade from Geonosis while unaware that Palpatine is making plans to turn the galaxy against the Jedi.

The Jedi arrives on Geonosis undetected and head toward the arena where Deagen was to be executed as entertainment for the natives. There the Jedi free him and begin to fight natives and droids alike trying to reach their ship. About 500 hundred Jedi went on the mission to save their comrade but less then a hundred made it out.

When the Jedi arrived on Coruscant, they were immediately attacked by the people of Coruscant. While they were away, Palpatine manipulated the Jedi's intention and smeared the name of the Jedi onto the Senators. The Senators quickly voted for the Jedi to be terminated for the actions and to give the chancellor the power to create a Galactic Army to defend the Galaxy. The army was already created secretly and ready to be sent into action to ease the unsteady minds of the people.

The Galactic Army was filled with clones of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. The new army took the Jedi by surprise and they began to fall. The Jedi either died by fighting or ran away while taking precious holocrons, artifacts, or data from the library. Palpatine sent the army to chase after the Jedi and recover anything stolen from the temple.

Now 5 years after the 'Jedi Purge' the galaxy is in a war, Trade Federation fighting the newly formed Empire. The Galactic Army has begun to push the Trade Federation back to Geonosis and now await for a treaty to be signed. The galaxy awaits anxiously as the Empire waits for the war to be over while it also sends its forces all across the galaxy searching for those against enemy's of the Empire.

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