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Hello all.

We are recruiting for a game already in progress. The game has been active for some time and we currently have two active and able bodied participants. One Rogue and one Sorcerer.
Frankly they need help...:)

More to the point it would be nice to infuse some additional energy into the game. The current players will have a vote in who is considered and accepted. In addition to the two active players there are two NPC's that someone could assume if they so choose. One is a Male Dwarf fighter with an attitude {don't they all} The other is a female human Rogue. {please feel free to infuse attitude here as well if you wish.}

The current players are level 2 with a approximate wealth around 1000gp.
Generation of a new character can be 32 point buy or roll 4d6r1^3. Rolls go Here

Standard app set up- nothing fancy just let us know who/what you want your character to be.
Applications go Here

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