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  • Created Dec 24 '09
  • Last Post Oct 26 '12 at 4:36am
  • Status Complete
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Game Description

This is a Traveller game using the 2008 Mongoose Publishing (d6-based) Traveller system. This system is a polished version of the original Traveller / Megatraveller system devised by Marc Miller way back when. If you enjoyed that then, you'll love this now.

The game will begin shortly after the conclusion of the Fifth Frontier War in the Spiward Marches, early in year 1111. The specific theme of the game will be determined in part by the composition of the PCs involved, but presumably will involve the operation of a small merchant vessel with the interjection of various planet-based activities.

All PCs will be created from the rules found in the Core Rulebook only, and all will be Human. Character generation will be performed in the game threads when requested, and will be a joint effort by all participants as the rules provide for opportunities to work together during character creation.

Please post a note here to state whether you are interested even if you have expressed interest in this game in the Planning thread. If there are any questions about the game in general, please also post these here. Details can be discussed in the game forum later.

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