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  • Created Dec 28 '09
  • Last Post Mar 5 '10 at 5:44am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Naruto D20

Game Description

Ad Closes: Once 6 Players have been aquired
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This is not set anywhere near the canon naruto universe. Authority doesn't equal asskicking (or vice versa), there aren't clear goodguys and badguys for the most part, and they are distributed about evenly between sides. Bloodlines aren't always village trade secrets. Jinchuuriki don't exist!! Wars aren't fought by preteen kids (you have to be at least 18).

Application process:

Character Name: Exactly what it says on the tin.
Background: At least a paragraph. Major events, family history, why you became a ninja.
Appearance: Feel free to supply a picture, or a moderate description (distinctive marks, style of dress, mannerisms, etc.)
Suggested Role and Build: Pretty much what it says on the tin. Character sheets aren't required until the game starts.

I'm looking for two teams of 3 to go head to head in a series of tactical battles, with downtime (your choice what to do with it) between them. Each side will have objectives, support teams, and possibly stolen intelligence depending on circumstances. You get experience for: Accomplishing Objectives, effective exploitation of opportunity, surviving encounters with the other team (or killing the other team) or tricky random encounters, RP (during missions or downtime), particularly brilliant characterization or innovative solutions, going above and beyond the call, foiling the other team's objectives, and anything else I view as XP worthy. Despite this, advancement will probably be slow (every three maps or so I'm hoping).

The game will be played based on the newest edition of the Naruto D20 Core rules using an ECL 11 Character Generation with a 40 point buy system or rolling 5d6 re-rolling 1's and dropping the 2 lowest for stats. Once you choose either to roll your stats or to use the point buy system those are the stats you are stuck with(no rolling then deciding to use the point buy system because your rolls weren't great) so choose wisely as to which stat build you want to use.

JutsuAs for Jutsu you will be given Kawarmi, Bunshin and Henge. You may then choose 6 extra jutsu one of which you may take mastery in and the others will be rank 3. Please do not stack your character with rank 11 jutsu, spread it out among a number of different ranks of jutsu.

FeatsYou will be given the Genin, Chuunin and Jounin feats plus one extra of your choosing. You also gain any feats that you would normally gain through level progression for the ECL 11.

WealthWealth is based from your character generation but I will add an initial +14 to wealth for buying starting equipment. There is no need to buy Kunai, Shurikan, etc... as you will be able to requisition these basic items from the Hokage as long as it is with-in reason.

Also there will be no allowance of youth ninja. All characters must be at least 18 years old. There are no underage ninja in this game, there is still a ninja academy but missions are not handed out until the student graduates at 18. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

The rumors began years ago. Tensions were building, and kept building. Last week negotiations broke down, and it was almost a relief. Neither side has crossed the neutral zone yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Game DescriptionYour rapid promotion to Special Jounin is almost certainly a direct result of preparation for the war. Today, you meet your new team. Tomorrow, you ship out to the front lines. While you don't know what will happen, you know that the rest of your life hangs in the balance.

TeamsHere we go these are the teams and their respective lands.

Land of Fire, Leaf Village
•Scyclone - Ilaria Hyuuga - Fire, Leaf Village
•agnerak - Aburame Hotaru - Fire, Leaf Village
•Hisage - Hierro Uchiha - Fire, Leaf Village

Land of Wind, Sand Village•King of the Jakers - Touketsu Jin - Wind, sand Village
•Vox Clamantis - Eiso Noburu - Wind, Sand Village
•ultima22689 - Mizu Daisuke - Wind, Sand Village

Land of Earth, Stone Village
•Papajeano88 - Rirakkusu Ikusa - Earth, stone Village
•Hakai - Mitarashi Yuzuki - Earth, Stone village
•Circe - Hyuuga Shihai - Earth, Stone Village

Land of Lightning, Cloud Village•Rayne Sylvan - Uchiha Katsurou - Lightning, Cloud Village
•Hyperion - Kaguya Takao - Lightning, Cloud Village
•tomorrow - Nakamura Shi’bo - Lightning, Cloud Village

This is the way it plays out to make the game work, feel free to alter your background to suit your new land and keep the feel of the game going. I noticed a few errors on some of the character sheets the we will have to go over before we can start and not everyone has a character sheet submitted so I want everyone to PM me their character sheet and any altered background they may want to submit and one I have everyone's "credentials" I will start putting up the game threads and starting the War.

CreditThe base of this game is taken from a game that I did not get accepted into due to medical absence during the application process. I would just like to thank agnerak for the general game idea that this game is based upon.

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