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The Village of Schermulch has always been relatively peaceful, (as have mostly all of the regions of the province of Clymaria) and there was little need for any serious police force, or even much military asset. But now, young maidens have started going missing from the village, each case traveling higher up the royal blood line. The Gypsies and drow are somehow working together, as well as the great crevice to the south is growing at an alarming rate. There is much speculation that the attackers may be connected to the troubling Orc Horde growing to in the foothills of Gnorak, and there is also talk of the Ice People to the north assembling and starting their march: slowly the giants are making their way back to reclaim the civilization they lost during the GREAT FROST.

Clymaria will certainly be going through some troubled times soon enough, and help will be needed to ensure safety of the Royal Family, in particular the Princess Esmerelda, for if she is lost the whole country will surely fall into turmoil.

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