The Newb Academy a Teaching Tool for New Players

Game Description

This is a campaign for new players to learn a class (or different classes if you have the time to play two characters at once). It is also a game for more experienced players to offer their help and advice. The setting is an academy for the adventuring guild you all belong to. The newer players' characters are the students at the school. The more advanced players will be "teaching" the new players how to play a particular class using RP in character. For example, a more experienced player may roll up a wizard and teach arcane magic to the less experienced players in a classroom while at the same time a ranger may be outside teaching the ranged class characters their skills on a practice field (think of the X-Men movie where Storm and Wolverine are giving a simulation in the Danger Room for the students to learn). These simulations will also teach the newer players how to work as a party once they have learned their particular class. I want both groups to think outside of the box in using their skills, instead of just casting magic missile over and over. This is a campaign to stretch the boundaries and try new things that you may not be allowed to do in other campaigns. There will obviously be a lot of RPing between the two groups of players in order to instruct but along the way I will present scenarios and maybe an "accident" or two (for example a troll in the bathroom, for those who watch Harry Potter). At the end of the schooling you will all be assigned to go on an adventure for your final exam that will put all you have learned to the test.

In the OOC thread, discussion can be aimed more towards the mechanics of D&D 3.5 and the Myth-Weavers site. This will include rolling up a character, statting characters, and website specific information like using the dice and out of character codes.

Right now I am mainly looking for new players' applications. Once I have an idea of what "student types" we will have I will then be asking experienced gamers to apply with the classes we need. Experienced players can go ahead and apply now and let me know if you have a class you would prefer to "teach". I would like to see some sort of background story for the teachers. We will work on rolling up characters in the actual game in OOC, so for an application all I need is the following information:

Class or Class Type: (for example you can put "sorcerer" or simply "arcane caster")
Race: (PHB only, for simplicity's sake)
Gender: (just because I'm nosy and wanna know ^_^)

Stats will be worked out in OOC so don't worry about anything but the first two lines on the top of the character sheet essentially. Teachers can go ahead and stat out a complete character if you want with either rolls (on the honor system ie. I don't care where you roll lol) or 32 point buy, max HP for lvl 5. Don't worry about gold. The guild will provide you with anything you need. :) And as much as I enjoy evil characters... again for simplicity keep the characters any non-evil alignment. We don't want paladins having to smite characters.

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