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All the prophesies have been put to the test, and it turned out all of them were wrong, but all of them were right. Everyone had a part of right, the destruction was vast. There was only one nation which had the foresight to do anything about the impending doom that was spelled out by so many. No one was sure who had started the project, they just worked on it and knew the mission. No one who built their craft, or the things on it knew everything. The only ones who had the whole story were the crew. Three people, that was all humanity could spare. The three of them were to launch into space a week before the supposed date of the apocalypse, and then watch. If anything did happen they had cryochambers on board, and they were to use them. There job was not to save Earth, instead it was to leave and come back 4000 years later. They had records of all modern technology and how to create it. If man had been cast back into the dark ages, or worse, then this could accelerate the rebuilding period. They had decided on such a great length of time to make sure all lingering effects were gone, and also because by then humans may have already begun rebuilding some sort of infrastructure on their own. The cryochambers opened today, it was time to go home.

Meanwhile....dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes, etc...all eyes are to the sky. Every race had existed in peace since the end of the last race wars over 1500 years ago. Now there was this fire in the sky, and it was coming towards them. Was this fire in the sky a sign that the War God was ready for the wars to commence? The thought made most people scared, but not everyone...

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