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I live in a world of fire and sand, where blistering heat is the companion of days long and cold, where fear-filled darkness rules the night. I am the Wanderer, traveling far and wide to learn the secrets of Athas so that I may write them down and share them with the world. Look around you! The crimson sun beats down from a shimmering sky, scorching the life from everything that crawls or flies or runs. Listen! This is a land of blood and dust, of unending earthquakes, scouring sand squalls, and swift, violent rainstorms that deliver lightning and death from the sky. This is my home: Athas. It is an arid and bleak place, a wasteland with a handful of bleak cities clinging precariously to a few scattered oases. It is a brutal and savage land, beset by political strife and monstrous abominations, where life is grim and short......
The Wanderers Journal

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