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  • Created Jan 28 '10
  • Last Post May 14 '10 at 10:36pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

NOTE: This game is based upon Ack's "Like Unto Gods" game for inspiration and character creation.

In the year 2008 a world-shaking event, unprecedented in recorded and documented history, changed human history forever; several hundred people worldwide manifested tremendous powers. Some had tremendous strength and durability. Others could fly and become invisible. Others could move objects with their mind-or affect minds with telepathy-and others yet could change shape or manipulate various forces.
From the very first day of those superpowered beings emerging and for the months that followed, chaos spread over the world as dragons and people in red-and-blue tights flew overhead, cities were blasted from the map, mob bosses that could control shadows or wield swords of slay-everything dominated the underworld, people that could heal others at will or accomplish jobs at unimaginable speeds tried to help and those that could control minds or technology dominated small countries.
Eventually, the world settled in a precarious balance; heroes were accepted and villains preferred to control the world from the shadows rather than contend with nuclear weapons. In North America, Europe, Russia and much of west Asia, people with superpowers were integrated in society, some working for the government even while others controlled the criminal underworld with many remaining neutral. In South America and most of Africa, those with superpowers carved their own small countries out of the failing old governments, some being benign but charismatic leaders, others becoming tyrants. In Middle East, war erupted between various factions as superhumans mostly supported the factions they previously belonged to and joined the fight. After earthquakes, rains of fire and nuclear weapons being used, an uneasy cease-fire was acheived. And in India and China, the government attempted to control those new superbeings completely. In China they partly succeeded; those that initially collaborated with the government are now much of the power behind it. Those that did not were captured and vanished from the face of the earth or fleed to other continents. In India, the government failed and anarchy reigns still. The superhumans there are beginning to be worshipped as a new pantheon of gods like those in legends...

It is the year 2010. An unprecedented event will change human history for the second time; a rain of meteors out of nowhere that observatories around the world failed to see in time fell in over two dozen sites all over the globe. Moments later, sattelite communications suddenly failed and a surge of electromagnetic discharges in the Earth's atmosphere blocked other types of communications for many hours. As April 1st dawned, cities around the globe were attacked by humongous mechanical tripods that vaporized targets with weird power-beams. It soon became known that those same tripods had struck at many military command centers overnight during the hours communications were down. At the beginning, everyone thought it was a hoax-perhaps from a superhuman with a sense of humor and a powerful ability with illusions. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true. Now the militaries of the Earth are scrambling to defend humanity-but are disorganised, lacking appropriate intelligence and with much of their command structure crippled. The aliens-for that's what they are-have been observing the planet for many years as some scientists suspect and have prepared an attack plan to cripple opposition. They have also adapted their enormous tripods to the Earth's environment and added special filters to negate chemical and biological weapons that both naturally and artificially occur on the planet.

Fortunately, what the aliens had not prepared for is the emergence of superhumans on Earth. Superheroes now rally to defend humanity while Supervillains and government Superagents scramble to defend their assets and/or the domains they've carved out for themselves. Who will win?

Campaign Style:
1) The campaign is action-oriented and fast-paced in game time. This does not mean it lacks roleplaying; it will only lack events that spread over many game months. (i.e. being elected president through mind-control, running a school for gifted children and waging a war on the MRD are social action, roleplaying and combat action respectively. They are all long-time events. Mind-controlling the president to get a decision you want, resolving a situation between sulky teenage mutants and thrashing a sentinel factory are again social action, roleplaying and combat action. They are just much briefer in game-time)
2) The campaign is realistic; humans die (alot). Heroes get wounded and may die (unless they are unkillable), technology is TL 8, with some places being TL 9 where a superintelligent scientist/gadgeteer has been working for some time (no ray guns, Sentinels, power surpressors and other supertech is available) and the laws of nature mostly apply (you can't reverse time by flying around the earth faster than light).
3) Posting to the main action should be once per 2 days or faster. The campaign should take no more than a few months to complete.

Character concept;
You are one of the superhumans that have decided to defend the Earth from the Alien Invasion. Hero, villain, government agent or neutral force, you've established your presence in the world over the past two years and you are not going to lose this hard-earned position without a fight!
a) Characters must have a reason for defending the Earth.
b) Character backstory should include a brief summary of what you did over the past 2 years and where your character lives when the Aliens invade. Do note that social standing will be affected by this.
c) The character roster should include a wide variety of powers; not everyone has to be a combat brute. In fact, your chances of success may be greater with some smart gadgeteers or utility heroes. Don't forget that one human scientist beat the aliens in Independence Day.

Character creation;
1) Make the base human before powers using 150 pts plus 100 points of disads (including attributes reduced below average human values). This base sheet cannot take any super or cinematic advantages and should be within human limits. I.e. you could make an I.Q. 16 base character. You could not make a ST 24 one.
2) Add 600 points and up to 150 pts of disads as Powers. They all have the "super" power modifier plus any additional overall power modifier you want. The overall power modifier (which applies everywhere) should not be higher than -30%. Note that physical disadvantages that come from you being super have the power modifier applied to them, too. I.e Disturbing Voice would be -7 for a -30% power modifier, not -10. However, disadvantages you develop due to using your powers but are not directly linked to them do not have the modifier and don't go away of your powers shut down. I.e. if you made enemies by using your powers, they won't vanish if your powers are surpressed and the disad costs the full value.
3) Cosmic modifiers and enhancements are not available.
4) Powers can't have a permanent or long-duration effect, if the effect can't appear in nature anyway. Unless you pay points to make it last or concentrate on it, a power's effect that extends beyond 100 yards from you begins to fade rapidly. Weak effects last seconds. Powerful effects may last a minute or two. (this drawback replaces the "super" modifier's succeptibility to superscience as there is no superscience in the game. Effectively, distance is a mundane countermeasure costing -10%). This applies to all effects that aren't supported by natural laws. I.e. if you use a green fire hotter than lightning to torch a building and then go away, the building will keep burning but the fire will be a normal color and have normal intensity. If you used the same fire underwater and then went away, it would be snuffed out. If you blast someone with super-radiation that damages his body faster than normal and then go away, the radiation will remain-but it will only damage the body at the normal rate.
5) I will be limiting power strength if I see something totally wild.

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