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Civilization is vastly outnumbered by the wilds between. And it's a pretty recent thing. The growth and effect of nature seems to have sped up drastically and no one knows why. Farmers will wake up one morning to find their fields overgrown with brambles choking the crops. They will spend a day in back breaking labour to clear the fields and finally rest only to wake up again and find the brambles have grown back overnight and are choking out the crops even further. On the edges of their clearings there are new tree shoots that look a few years old that weren't even there the night before. In light of this society and civilization have been on the retreat.

Some few places seem to be immune from nature's assault. Some isolated farms are spared, some small towns, some hamlets, and one larger city. No one knows the reason why these towns are spared, but they are rapidly growing with the influx of people from the towns that aren't spared. Even the farmers who find their farms spared will pick up and move on; even if the farm is spared who's to say that the road will be?

The towns that have been spared are rapidly learning to build up instead of out. Precariously tall buildings and the larger foundations of those that seek to climb higher. Travel between these towns has grown dangerous. Roads are hard to find these days and travel and trade has slowed to a standstill. The large wagons that used to make it profitable are next to useless now. But that just means that prices are rising. Some few brave merchants will travel caravan style with mule trains, but with the advice of plant life wild beasts have come as well. The merchants pay dearly to have foresters and guards that now have to be on the lookout for brigands as well as beasts.

The arcane arts survive in the larger city of Kegellion where the last arcane university stands. It's artificers have come in handy, trapping elementals to make air ships that can travel above the green oceans below. The city is experiencing an influx of people yet the supporting lands around it have shrunk. Three large airships have been commissioned by the city. What used to be the symbol of opulence has become a daily ride for those workers who are ferried by the airships to the Metev: The great plain. The long flatlands to the south have shrunk considerably and now are only the width of two days hard ride. What used to be seen as long stretches of untouched flatland has become the only arable land left and the workers are ferried there every day and brought back at night. Arable land is so precious that it can't be spared to make quarters for them. Tiny shacks, even those on stilts to allow land to grow underneathe, house guards who make sure that the crops aren't plundered my wildsmen who have taken to living within the encroachment.

River travel, where accessible is also a booming trade, yet they still want guards, and the navigable rivers don't lead to much of anything.

However, a lot of wealth was abandoned in the grown over cities, teams of explorers can make a lot of money retrieving it. For the people who left it behind, or for themselves, or for people who want it. Basements have become dungeons, towers have become overgrown and unsteady, and always one must wonder if anyone or anything else has taken up residence.

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