Hunter: The Dark Tide

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 9 '10
  • Last Post Mar 3 '10 at 12:24am
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

Character Creation:

  • Characters are created using the standard guidelines for mortal characters, with an additional 15xp.
  • You may trade in Morality points at character creation for 5xp. (Maximum of 2 times)
  • Characters will also have access to the profession rules from Hunter, the other rules will be added after the prologue.
  • An additional 20xp, plus the bonus background experience will be added to each character following the prologue, assuming they survive.

Limitations For Creation:
  • 4 Dots: (Restricted To 1) Anything within creation rules.
  • 1 Dots: Characters with a 1 dot trait in their attribute traits at the end of character creation needs heavy justification to be allowed.

Bonus Experience (15xp Possible):
  • Description (0-2xp): Physical Appearance (Required):
    ~ 0 XP: Bare minimum (age, height, weight, gender, eye and hair colour).
    ~ 1 XP: Pretty good description.
    ~ 2 XP: Oh My God That Was Awesome!
  • Personality (0-2xp): Attitude, Quirks, Habits, General Outlook (Optional):
    ~ 0 XP: None.
    ~ 1 XP: Pretty good personality description.
    ~ 2 XP: Oh My God That Was Awesome!
  • Background (0-2xp): Life story up to your Awakening (optional):
    ~ 0 XP: None.
    ~ 1 XP: Pretty good History.
    ~ 2 XP: That Explains Everything I Could Want To Know!
  • Connections (0-3xp): Connections to other players (Optional):
    ~ Each connection will earn both players 1 xp, up to a maximum of 3.
  • Fears (1-3xp): List up to 3 things your character fears. (1 Required!): 1xp Each.

  • Intimacies (1-3xp): List up to 3 things your character cares deeply about. (1 Required!): 1xp Each

  • Goals: Things your character wishes to complete for themselves. [XP awarded upon completion] (
    Does not need to be completed by the end of creation process
    ~ Minor Goals: "Increase my knowledge of the occult" 1xp each (Up to 3 minor goals)
    ~ Average Goals: "Reconcile with my estranged sister" 2xp each (Up to 2 major goals)
    ~ Major Goals: "Find the six fingered man and avenge my father, murdered these twenty years." 3xp (Only 1 major goal)

Optional & House Rules:
If there is an optional rule you would like considered, please let me know. Currently these are the optional and house rules We have already decided on.

Armoury Reloaded 'Combat Hacks'
  • Aggravated Called Shots (p150)
  • Automatic Damage (p151)
  • Bleeding Out (p151)
  • Change: Storyteller chooses bone that breaks, not the Player.
    Bone Breakage (p151)
  • Dangerous Explosives (p152)
  • Freezing Under Fire (152)
  • Increased Wound Penalties (p155)
  • Hidden Health (p153)
  • Shooting through cover (p157)
  • Change: It takes 1 hour to heal a point of bashing, 1 day for a point of lethal, and 1 week for a point of aggravated damage.
    Slower Healing (p157)
  • Supernatural Terror (p158)

Armoury Reloaded 'Hunter Hacks'
  • Alone (p168)
  • Group Courage (p168)

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