Champions: Meta Defense Force Recruiting

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 12 '10
  • Last Post Aug 3 '10 at 2:13pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

The two men overlooked the Financial District, each with a cup of coffee in hand, from an elevated walkway in Bay City. They stood beside one another having walked up just moments ago from opposite directions and turned to lean against the rail only a few inches apart, looking out over the people going about their business and the buildings they worked out of. Finally one of them sighed and spoke up. "You on?"
The other man nodded as they both kept staring out at everything, as he knew the first man was referring to the jamming device on his person to keep electronics from picking up their conversation.
Finally, the one who had spoken first did so again."So I take it that it's confirmed then."
The other man simply nodded again.
"Well?", said the first again.
The second man stood erect, but continued to look away from the first. As they both began to speak they would move about casually, turning different directions as if just watching the crowds and people around them. In truth, they were also keeping anyone from reading their lips, speaking with their coffee cups in front of their mouths at times as if they were just sipping the hot beverage. In truth, one cup held water, and the other cranberry juice.

"It began Friday", said the second man, " and we did confirm it with our birds and even those weather channel ones with one of our many guys on the inside."
The first man said, "Why didn't you tell me sooner? It's Monday already for Christ's sake. You tell me this on a Monday? You know how the boss hates this kind of news on a Monday."
The second man shrugged his shoulders. "I said it began Friday, we didn't confirm it for sure until 3 am today. Should I have called you then? My boss doesn't like that."
The first man gave a slight glare at the second since he was the boss being referred to getting woken up.
"That was one time, and I still argue that it could have waited. Doesn't matter now. So many things won't from now on. Well... on to our response then. Is the place ready? People in place to make the approaches, and offers? I have to say it's a very short list in my opinion."
The second man nodded and answered, I hear you, but we had the best possible team giving us the criteria for the selection process. And we won't get them all on the list anyway. You know that."
The first man nodded this time and said, "What are we going to call this... Meta Defense Force anyway?"
The second man responded, "Catchy. Simple. How about MDF?"
The first man said, "So you can pin the name on me, right?"
The second said, "Of course, you're the boss right?"
THe first man, his boss answered, "I'm you're boss, I'm not the boss. Remember that. Now, make it so, this... MDF."

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