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Despite the bitter cold that reigns here nine months of the year, the Timberway Forest has long been a source of prosperity for civilized folk who live nearby. Many trappers and hunters spend the better part of the year within its borders, stockpiling furs and meat to trade in the frontier towns to the south, where they spend their winters. Most feel that the value of these commodities makes braving the Timberway Forest worth the risk.

Recently, though, a small group of trappers and hunters has awakened a terrible new menace in the forest. Based in a remote hunter's abode called the Bluerock Lodge, they hunted the animals of the woods more out of a deep-seated desire to be cruel than a need to feed themselves. In particular, they focused their hateful attention on the local Timberway lion population. Timberway lions are rather small (more like leopards), but they are known for being lithe and wary. Still, the trappers had the advantage of intelligence and tools, and before long they had slaughtered the entire pride save for its leader. As the winter worsened and game grew ever more scarce, this last surviving lion began to starve. At that point, the darker forces of nature took notice, and the Timberway Forest gained a predator like no other.

Nearly seventy-five miles away from the edge of the Timberway forest, ly a prosperous town by the name of Kor. The harbor was a place where much trading took place in the summer, sometimes fortunes were made by merchants traveling from the south. But it was winter, and hardly any crew could withstand sailing the freezing seas for any amount of time, not to mention having to steer around icebergs and the like. This was the time of year when the harbor shuts down, and so does the town, really. Work is scarce, everyone who hadn't stock-piled enough supplies during the warmer times was forced to scavenge and hunt to survive.

But there were always people with money in town. Mercants, who made a fortune off of the populace with exotic goods, sometimes tended to stay for the winter here. Others included hunters that slaughtered the forest's creatures, furs fetched a hefty price in Kor; The pelts of the elusive Timberway Lion sometimes reached 50 gold pieces each! Yes, someone in town had money, that much was made evident by a piece of parchment nailed to the Village Message Board, offering a reward to have a certain item retrieved. The message is rather elusive, demanding that willing participants would meet the writer in the local tavern to learn what was wanted and who had it.


Hello everyone, I'm Kyprioth, and this is my first game on the Weave. I'm newer to Dm'ing as a whole, so this will be somewhat of a learning experience for me. But don't get the wrong idea, this is a serious adventure, play it as you would any other. I am expecting 4 people, no more or less. We will be starting at level 3, but if intrest allows, I may take this to level 7 or possibly even beyond.

Stat generation is 7m5d6v2 (Drop a set) or 38 pointbuy if you roll badly. Health is Maximum at first level, and rolled after that. Character Applications will be as follows:

Name: (Obvious)
Race: (See 'Sources Allowed')
Class: (See 'Sources Allowed')
Sheet: (As in the sheet function of this forum.)
Physical Description: (Pictures may also be used.)
Personality: (Basic description of your character's personality. Don't make it too lengthy.)
History: (History of your character. Make it as short or as long as you need it to be, but I don't want one sentence. I also do not expect more than a paragraph or so.)

Sources Allowed: I have most 3.5 books available to me, just make sure you tell me where it comes from. I reserve the right to disallow a class or race.

The Deadline will be this coming friday. However, I am having surgery on March 8th, so I may not have a lot of activity on that day or for a few days following that.

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