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As an experianced DM I thought i would try something different and set up a game online. In my time, I've played with a select group of players through a series of different and long lived campaigns, but one that has been requested is a Nefarious campaign where evil reigns supreme. Either flow with it, or break through it! This campaign will use all 3.5 material as long as it can be sourced and is sourced if it does not appear in the PHB or the DMG. Lords of Madness, Heroes of Horror, and The Book of Vile Darkness can of course be used excessively in this setting. Ebberon material can likewise be used but only if you can source it completly! It will be a high powered campaign with a 32 point buy for starting stats and double exp awards for faster progression. Starting level is probably 3, max hp at first level and a single flaw is allowed. Monsterous races are also allowed, as are those with a LA and templates with an LA of two or less. Homebrew material is allowed if it gets my approval prior to use as well.

Firstly, though, I'd like to know if there is any interest in such a campaign idea and whether the general conscensus is for an evil campaign, or a good campaign in this setting. Roleplay is encouraged greatly and the party will recieve experiance for good roleplaying also! Currently i think i am looking for three players if this works out who need to be willing to post every day. Looking forward to hearing from you:)!

The ageing scholar hawked and spat as maggots that writhed perpetually in his sunken, malnourished belly moved in their hunger, reducing his ragged breathing to a horse rasp. Varen hadn't eaten in six days and the spasms that lanced through his decrepid frame were becoming regular and more acute with each passing hour. A rougue worm tickled the back of his throat, drowning amongst the thick saliva and mucus that dwelt there. Leso Varen swallowed the maggot down amongst the grime, salivating in gleeful anticipation, and the voices once more echoed palpably in his mind. He answered with a malignant sneer heavy upon his thinning lips: "Soon, my children, soon," he said as deep viridian eyes, clouded in death's beckoning sheen of milky grey, lost their focus and stared out into oblivion. "They are Coming!"

It has been six years since the Lords of Corruption seized control of Talgardia and yet still the war goes on. Evil breeds death, death gives birth to disease and disease is nurtured by the tainted souls of the corrupt. Everywhere there is strife and entire cities have been laid to waste by vaste hordes of marauding undead. The ChaosKings of Viraniyor march their armies between nations and vast citadels that once held powerful men behind their thick walls now serve as echoing halls for vampiric beings and LichQueens of unimaginable power. And all the while the Lords of Corruption sit on festering thrones as the tide of their legacy sweeps out over the land.
"What can man do against such reckless hate?" The answer: become the hatred. Evil, by its very nature is self obsessed and spawns all manor of betrayals. So even among this host, a multitude of battles, conspiracies and plots converge in a labyrinth of malignancy as meglomaniacle men seek to seize power for themselves. Yet for some, this ambition is all consuming. As a direct servant of the ChaosKing, Galrosh Volgendar, you find yourself bound by his will and forced into servitude by unbreakable oaths in Darkspeech, for the ChaosKing knows your true name! Commanded to serve him loyally you go forth into the ancient town of Kolinth at his bidding, knowing that there you will find others he has chosen for this vital task. These others you are to treat with respect for each of you are vital in Galrosh's plan. Ordered to cooporate and stick together, he sends you to the meeting place you know only too well - a small tavern by the name of "The Blistering Knife", renowned for the high mortality rates of its denizens. He sends you there with a only a name to remember and a single purpose. The name is Miranda, and his purpose is a murder. For the ChaosKing wants you to kill Leso Varen: the First Lord of Corruption.

Expect an action packed adventure with high levels of roleplay, plotting and intruigue! Best of luck to you all.

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