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  • Created Mar 10 '10
  • Last Post Sep 30 '13 at 9:11pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Long has been the time of relative peace in the pangaean world of Nevermore. Not since the ancient times during the sealing of the pact known as the Alextran Decree, which divided the world into sovereign states, has blood been spilled in the name of war. The world is far from a Utopian ideal, and even within a world where war does not openly exist, the harshness of life still bears down upon it's denizens. Crime and corruption are constantly enduring factors, and there are those still who follow the path of dark deeds in hopes of achieving greater power. Yet even without a perfect Utopian world, the denizens are satisfied with their stable confines. As each day goes by, they go about their seemingly frivolous lives, content with the ways of the world.

Yet all is not as well as they perceive.

Deep beyond the great Forest of Echoes lies the Citadel of Alexandria, the reigning seat of power for the Kingdom of Ashrim. Ruled over by the benevolent half-elven Queen, Thyriss Everwind VI, the Citadel of Alexandria serves not only as the capitol of her kingdom, but also as the cultural 'center of the world'. Yet the Queen is troubled, for beyond the walls that surround her mighty throne, her people are dying. With the bulk of her forces stationed too far away to investigate this incident, she turns instead to her own people for help.

As the unlikely heroes whom have answered the call to service make their way to a secret meeting with the Queen herself, they cannot help but wonder what sort of dilemma could provoke such a need. Little do they know that they are about to embark on a grand and epic adventure to lift the shroud that has veiled one of time's most ancient mysteries...and the world's greatest darkness...


Who I'm Looking For

As this campaign is a high adventure, story-oriented game, I will be looking for players who have exceptional role-playing skill and not simple rollplaying expertise. I prefer players who are going to bring more to the table than a simple "I'm a mercenary with a harsh childhood". That, of course, brings me to another point and that being I do not want idle characters who blend into the background. I would like players to make characters who have interesting personalities, creative lifestyles, and have a willingness to be a part of the group rather than characters who are bland and have little to no thought. It is not expected that your character get along with everyone and a bit of party drama often makes for a healthy and fun game experience, but they should at least be stable enough not to threaten a party split.

I also welcome players who enjoy giving creative advice and criticism as well as ideas on the game itself. Personal quests and goals may also be possible at times as this game is meant to be a long standing one. Does your character want to quest for a mythological weapon crafted by the gods? Sure. Will your character be willing to pursue building a small fortress/keep/settlement for themselves or for the party somewhere down the line? That fine. Does your character want to become a famous alchemist by trying to create the Philosopher's Stone? Why not. While the main story will likely take priority, there will plenty of sub-plots and pauses where you and the rest of the party may pursue other goals to help further your agendas. My only request is that characters/players be open and willing to take the time to help their fellows pursue such goals so that they might help you pursue yours.

Lastly, while much of the main story line is in place, the world is not a stagnant rock that simply sits idly as the heroes of the story embark on their quest. It is a living, breathing place where everything is constantly changing. Because of this, players may be allowed to help "build" the world in some retrospect. While creating major villains, gods, and various other events that could greatly impact the world are relatively off-limits, you may attempt to submit your own ideas for quest hooks, adventures, or events. Please realize, though, that not every idea will be put to use and all decision and critique on such submissions will be mine alone.

Campaign Settings

This is a homebrew campaign set in a homebrew world known as Nevermore. The game will begin within the Citadel of Alexandria (or just Alexandria to outsiders). More specifically, it will begin with the characters arriving at one of the local taverns known as the Flowing Chalice where they have been told they are going to meet the Queen herself in a secret meeting to discuss the quest. It is not required for your character to be a born citizen of Alexandria, but it is preferred that he or she at least have residence there or at least somewhere within the Kingdom of Ashrim. I would prefer characters with a flavorful background, but not one full of exploits granted that you are only level 1 and a half.

This campaign is traditional D&D 3.5 with characters starting at Level 1 and 500 Experience. I would prefer a varied assortment of 3-5 characters of different classes. Players will use the basic rolling method for dice, thus being 4d6, dropping the lowest (re-rolling is plausible if multiple rolls are weak). Characters will also be given 300 Gold Pieces to use to buy their starting equipment and inventory. Health Points at the starting level are, of course, maximized with a Constitution bonus and every level thereafter is rolled normally*.

The set of books listed below this paragraph are my Preferred books. I request that players choose races from the Player's Handbook only and Classes only from the preferred list. Items, Spells, Feats, and so forth are malleable, meaning that while I prefer you use the books, if you think something from a book not listed would bring a beneficial element to the game, you may ask about it. Note that I must possess the book in question and you must clear it with me first.

Player's Handbook**, Player's Handbook II, Dungeon Master's Guide, the Complete series, Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Exalted Deeds, Expanded Psionics, Spell Compendium and Libris Mortis.

The age, gender and personal background of a character should be at least reasonable. Once again, however, your background should not show a veteran character considering he or she is only level 1 and a half.

Lastly, the posting rate for this game will likely be once every two to three days with the possibility of running a live session via OpenRPG here or there in the future should the group be up for it.

A short list of house rules will be posted in the game's forum section as well as FAQ and Q&A thread for any other concerns, great or small.

*HP rolls made after level 1 are subject to 'halfsies' upgrade, thereby meaning that if you roll below half of result range, the result is automatically treated as half (ie: a character who rolls a d8 for their hit die cannot score lower than a 4.)
**It is my personal belief that any kind of character, no matter how strange and eschewed it is, can be made with role-play flavor based upon any class in the PHB. Should you feel the need to change the name of your class, a feat, spell, so on and so forth, you need only mark it's origin somewhere within your notes section or by the item that is changed. Just be sure not to change any mechanics unless you OK it with me first.

The Dungeon Master

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for around a decade. I originally started playing during various adventures in the world of Yahoo! Chats and from there, went on to play in and DM Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 and 3.5 as well as crafted homebrew game systems of my own. My first character was a human wizard who specialized in things that explode or otherwise singe flesh and scar minds. At heart, I'm a story teller who simply does not have the patience to sit down and write books. To me, writing books just seems like talking to myself, which I've heard isn't healthy (at least for prolonged amounts of time). I endeavor to make my games as fun to play as they are to experience and welcome all sorts of personalities and will try my best to allow everyone's play style.

Applying to Play

I request players fill out the following short application and post within the game ad forum to be considered:

Class/Race Combination:
Personality: A short description of no more than a paragraph and at least a sentence.
Background Excerpt: Give me an idea of what kind of life your character has come from.
Future Goals: Give me an idea of what, aside from the main storyline, your character wants to accomplish.

If I decide to accept you, I'll invite you to the game forum. You may also wish to take a look at the forum yourself for additional information. Lastly, if you have any questions, please ask. The game will begin shortly after, if not when, the players have completed their characters.

Current Status
I've chosen my fifth character and thank everyone whom has expressed and interest to play. If you'd like, I'll be leaving the forum board as public, so you may continue posting in the OoC section, but unless a player must retire, I will not be accepting new applications. Thank you all, and best of luck to you in the future.

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