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The Great War had ended. The armies returned home. But not all returned. Far few returned to the city of Actartum, the huge sprawling city set beside the Eulor river. With their great number of soldiers so strewn across the battle fields in great heaps of horrid dead, so easily had it been for those lying in wait, to make their move. And those returning, found change had occurred. And not to their liking. Grim and dark were those days after the war. Grim and dark, indeed.

The players are veterans of war and are either returning home, or are passing through a large capital city. Unfortunately the city is not at peace. A secret band is fighting for control of the city and the city has very little resources to push back the wave of insurrection. The ruling faction is involved in a deadly dispute with no one strong enough to claim authority. Rumor has it, that the two major religious organizations, once peaceful, have turned on each other. Thieves rule the streets. The rich have hired thugs for protection. The victims are the widowed and the children, many of which have been sold into servitude. Your efforts to help have only helped in making you an outlaw. To make matters worse, there is a contract out on you. Yes, the Chief Assassin is involved, now.

You have made it to the docks. The only place where you can hide. Here underneath the Blue Duck Tavern.

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