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  • Created Mar 10 '10
  • Last Post Aug 24 '10 at 11:49pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Shadowrun

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You're a team of runners like any other. For whatever reason - and probably, there is none, unless you have a few supercomputers and a double major in probability and economics - business has been a little slow these days. Lucky for you, your fixer just contacted you with a job. He warns you that it's a small one and the client can't afford to pay much, but it's a trifling matter of grand theft medical-supplies-for-a-street-doc and hey, it's for a good cause.

It's pretty much de rigueur considering the state of healthcare in this goddamned country, only ... well, call it runner's intuition, but you've got a feeling that this is just a small part of something much bigger ... but isn't that always the case, in a city like this one?

About your character applications:
No Chaotic Stupid. I'm not saying you all have to be saints, but out-and-out bloodthirsty psychopaths are uninteresting, as well as people who in general solve every problem by shooting it until it stops moving. You guys are professionals; have some discernment. Aside from that, go on with your bad self. Just keep in mind that the mood I'm aiming for is more melancholy than gritty. No characters that read like somebody handed Rob Leifeld a bran muffin and newspaper.

Although, it's just a pain in the ass for everyone if half the team is plotting against the other half. Try to make sure you're all a real team, at least in the beginning. If you end up at odds with each other because of stuff that happens during gametime, by all means! (Not that I'm hinting that the characters will all have to make a Very Big Decision a few missions in or anything ... ) Once the game actually gets going I won't mind anything as long as it's dramatically effective, but I want to make sure everything gets off the ground smooth.

Additionally, and probably most importantly, I like to see some complexity, depth, and originality in my player's characters. Not five 28-year-old straight white males and one girl with pink hair, whose entire states of beings can be summed up by their character class. It's the 2070s! Play an elderly black Zoroastrian lesbian!

Or feel free to go ahead and make a 28-year-old straight white male (although it's worth mentioning that this game is PoC, queer, and Zoroastrian friendly), just bear in mind that I'm planning an emphasis on roleplaying and I want you guys to spend more time figuring out your character's personality than the kind of gun they'll be carrying. I tend to like a game that'll engage the players' emotions. Make a character whose thoughts you're interested in exploring. Of course, there'll be plenty of combat and other fun stuff too, I just think said fun stuff is even more fun if it's living breathing metatypes fighting for their lives and not numbers on a sheet.

Game Details:
Standard everything re: Shadowrun 4e. 400 point build, et cetera, et cetera. We're likely going to be in Seattle, although the picture up there was taken in Montreal (a city so beautiful that in my whole life I will never really believe that it exists.) Also, although most players don't need encouragement to stick their noses in everything that looks like it would accommodate a nose of average size, try to play your characters with a little initiative. They may end up being movers and shakers in the days to come ...

I'm looking for 4 - 6 players, and the recruitment thread is set to close in ten days.

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