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This is a homemade world have been building for many years. I have made it from the ground up and have played it many times, my players always enjoyed it, the concept is simple, build whatever you want, I will foster all character goals. with that said here are some statements

1.) It is what I would call a Full metal Fantasy to steal the tag off iron kingdoms, So with that said those of you with knowledge of the Iron Kingdoms "Liber Mechanika" rules by the Privateer Press for mechanika will have an advantage, also Swords and Sorcery's "Dragon Mech" book has inspired a new direction for it, so, those 2 books will be allowed even recommended reading them for good ideas for chars, but, actually ALL, books classes feats skills abilities and items can be used in any game I run.

2.) Regardless of source material if its wired for D20 I will allow it. Tho with that said I do reserve my right to veto any combination for the sake of simplicity or just doesn't fit in the flavor, do not worry if you do not have the books I stated, I beg borrow and steal rules to govern the creation of some pretty crazy requests from my players, its all about YOU. I am very lax in game play but will use rules for combat, etc.

3.) I am looking to start a 10th level campaign based in a metropolis by the name of Elysia. It is a mountain stronghold populated by Elysian "humans" and their Dwarven neighbors who helped them build it. The main storyline is up to you, My players. I will introduce story line arcs and plots but treat this as a sandbox you can develop whatever arcs you wish, I see this as a non-linear,game and I promise to keep it interesting, All I ask is ample warning if you cannot post IE, vacation for a long time with that being said, send applications i look forward to reviewing your sheets,

the Qualifications are:

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