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Melnora a small settlement located in the Northern Wastes; a frozen wasteland known for its rare ores hidden away in its many mountain ranges, has been under attack from the local wild-life, The Guild has been recruiting adventurers, hunters, tradesmen and many other individuals with certain skills to try and help the current situation? Do you think you can help make a diference? If So apply within!

The parchment which holds this call out is nailed to the Bill Board outside your Local Guild Hall, Unsure of what to feel as you slowly feel called to Melnora's call out, do you want to go for money, adventure, life experiences? These thoughts slowly drift away as easy as the ink slides out of the quill your using to sign your signature upon the contract.....

"Well Buddy.. Guess you better go pack your things..." is the last words you hear, as you slowly drift off into your new pattern of life.

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