On the Run

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Game Information
  • Created Mar 21 '10
  • Last Post May 25 '10 at 11:32am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars Saga

Game Description

Everything went wrong, everything.

It seemed that easy in the beginning, when the Circle of Lords explained the mission to you and the other members of the group.

"Head out into the galaxy and uncover what information you can about this 'Force sickness' that is causing more and more Jedi to go mad", Lord Yur had said. "Determine whether it only afflicts Jedi or if it can pose a threat to us as well. Do what you have to do in order to acquire the knowledge we need, but do not risk that our presence and nature is revealed to the galaxy at large."

"The time to leave Kesh and claim the place in the galaxy that is rightfully ours is close, but it has not yet arrived", Grand Lord Vol agreed, causing you to shiver in intimidation even though he did not even address you directly, but the whole group.

So your small group, consisting out of two Masters, five Sabers, and a handful Apprentices and Tyros, you among the latter, had set out in a captured YT-2400 transporter, determined to fulfill the task set for you in utmost secrecy. But luck was not smiling down upon you, instead it lured you into the fangs of the Galactic Alliance.

Three weeks after the beginning of your mission your group came across rumors that the Galactic Alliance had captured one of the mad Jedi and was now performing research on him on a planet called Algara VI. Your group headed for Algara VI in order to recover the research data of the Galactic Alliance scientists and possibly even take the Jedi with you. The Jedi and the research data actually was there on Algara VI, but so was a trap the Galactic Alliance had set for Jedi attempts to free the captured Jedi.

Things turned out differently and as the trap sprung there were not Jedi at its center, but Sith. You fought your way out of the installation, but in the process your group took grievous losses. Apart from you Tyros only a fatally wounded Saber and a seriously injured Apprentice had made it out and back to the ship.

The death of the wounded Saber being only a matter of hours and the recovery of the Apprentice a matter of days if not weeks completion of the mission is left to you, because return to Kesh is out of the question as long as the mission is a failure.

But while the outlooks are bad and the situation is dire it is also a chance for you to prove your worth for the Tribe.

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