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[An Introduction]
In a small village on the outskirts of the Gramain country, there are stories of corruption within the church. One of the high priests has been abusing his power; offering divine protection for gold and sexual favours, raping other patrons and followers of the church, and blackmailing political figures so he will not be convicted. As adventurers, you are requisitioned by a chief guard to take care of this problem. Little do you know, it will be an event that will lead you further into religious dogma and church hypocrisy. It may even mean the end of all life as we know it.

[Game Master(s)]
Me, Sikening. It will be my first ever campaign (online as well as real life) as a DM.

[Game Explanation]
The game will be high-fantasy, dealing mainly with Devils and Demons, sometimes with angels, and the Vashar. It is an adventure that will lead the party throughout the Gramain country, through hell, and then to the very center of all organized religion itself.

[Application Process]
Open for 4-6 players, applications deadline will be March 28 (one week from today), 12:00 Noon Eastern time (GMT - 5:00)

[Character Creation]
Abilities will be done with the 25 point-buy system, no unliving characters (anything like constructs such as Warforged, etc.). You may use and D&D 3.5 book. Action points will be allowed, but limited: every character is allowed 3 at every level. If not all action points are used, the remaining action points will be drained and a new three will be added for your new level. This value increased to five points at level 10 and does not change again. Characters are to be created at level 1.

NOTE: For the application process, please post a link to your character sheet, a description of personality, and a little bit about the character's past. I want all of the characters involved to have some backstory. If this backstory includes something to do with religion (whether it being outcasted for difference of views or questioning beliefs, or losing friends and family to religious practices/crusades, or being a religious fanatic... he sky's the limit).

[Additional Information]
I would like it if the people that apply could post a minimum of two times a day, as I am on here pretty much all day (as of March 21. Subject to change depending on job conditions).

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