The Town of Oakcrest

Game Description

After lurking here without so much as an account for quite a while (and talking to a friend of mine for quite a while), I was inspired to create this game:

To be blunt, this game is inspired by a variety of sources, but among them I might list such video games as Etrian Odyssey, Nethack, and Oblivion. I might also list actual D&D campaigns such as The Rusty Bucket and a game which a friend of mine ran in real life.
In short, this D&D3.5 campaign will be almost entirely a sandbox setting. The players may do what they wish, when they wish. For the most part.

The game will begin in, and largely take place within, the small farming town of Oakcrest. Situated in a temperate valley of rolling hills akin to the Hobbit's shire, and bordering the Inihais forest and the twin peaks of the Tirodo Mountains, Oakcrest is perfectly situated for adventurers to gather within. Indeed, one might call either of its two taverns ('The Pure Flask' and 'The Wolf's Fang' respectively) veritable hot spots for danger, intrigue, and adventure in their own right, though one (The Pure Flask) is far more respectable and cleanly than the other. In fact, situated in either tavern as well as the town center one may find message boards upon which everyone from chevaliers to peasants may sell equipment or ask for aid. The forest alone supposedly house everything from Ents to packs of Dire Wolves, and the peaks of the Mountains supposedly are the homes of dragons, never mind the orcs and goblins which infest the mountains themselves. Filled with intrigue and mystery and surrounded by dungeons and monster's lairs, many adventurers find their way to Oakcrest. It is, after all, the perfect place for any number of amazing adventures to begin.


I am accepting any number of people into this campaign, though if we get too many applications I may need to ask someone to act as a secondary GM so that I am not overwhelmed. While over-arching plots may potentially appear, you should not wholly expect any from the start: This is a sandbox game where you may do whatever you wish. Similarly, characters may leave Oakcrest and the surrounding area from time to time, but an eventual return will be expected. Think of anything that involves leaving the forest, valley, and mountains, as field trips at best.
Anyways, as for character creation:
Any character who wishes to adventure or take part in combat related action right from the start must begin at ECL1, at least for now. To borrow from the aforementioned Rusty Bucket, characters may start at up to ECL6, but if they do so then they will not be able to take up quests for a small amount of time and, while they are free to RP, they will ultimately only be secondary characters till I deem that ECL2+ is allowed to adventure (which won't take much time, honest. I just want to start off slow)
Players may use a point buy of up to 38 points, roll 4d6 and drop the lowest, or even use the elite or standard array. If players wish to roll, they may make a character sheet, complete with backstory and everything else, sans ability scores and submit that to the game. They may then roll in the designated OOC thread once they have been accepted.

Players may submit their applications directly to the game, or in the recruitment thread. If they do so, they should put their statistic block (complete with a link to their character sheet), and, in spoilers, their character's appearance, backstory, and personality. As myth-weaver's sheets have a place where they can generate statistic blocks, this should not be too difficult to do.
In any case, I look forward to playing with you all.

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