The Skinsaw Murders

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Game Information
  • Created Mar 22 '10
  • Last Post Dec 12 '12 at 3:06am
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder
  • Setting Golarion

Game Description

Rise of the Runelords : Part Two

A sudden string of brutal murders terrorizes the citizens of Sandpoint and the killer's mark bears a familiar shape. More importantly; clues left at the scene name one of the PCs as the cause behind the macabre motivations. Can the players discover who is behind the murders? More importantly, will they survive or will they become the next to fall beneath the razor sharp blade of the Skinsaw Man?

The pacing and theme of this game can be broken down into three stages. Stage One: A murder investigation. The theme of this part is like a slasher flick. There are brutal murders, gory scenes, cheap shot scares and a general feeling of horror in the genre of Halloween or the Friday the 13th franchises. Stage Two: A Haunted House. A much more creepy setting than the first section, very few obstacles will be something you can swing a sword at to solve. Stage Three : More Traditional Adventuring. While there is some investigation to be done and some city officials to deal with, the actual obstacles to overcome are much more straight forward type adventure style is how it plays out in the end.

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