Hero High: Senior Project

Game Description

The class of 2010 had filed into the auditorium shortly after arriving and now the large building was filled with the buzz of conversation. This special address by Headmaster Summers hadn't been on the schedule and already rumors were flying thick and heavy around the room. The drone of a hundred curious voices rose to a cacophony and then abruptly hushed as the faculty shuffled in and Headmaster Summers walked up to the podium and began to speak.

“Welcome back to Claremont Academy, seniors! I apologize for taking time away from meeting up with your old friends but I have some exciting news for you all. The staff and I are excited to announce that you will all be taking part in a pilot program that we feel will give back to Freedom City and prepare you for whatever career you choose to enter.”

Another low hush of conversation rushed around the room and Headmaster Summers smiled faintly as he tried to recapture the attention of the curious senior class.

“Starting today you are all going to be split into groups of five students. This group will be your team for the remainder of the year and you will all be undertaking special classes and tasks suited to your unique talents and powers. It is our hope and intent that this will better prepare you for the world beyond our walls and perhaps even give you a taste of what it means to be a true superhero.”

At this the auditorium erupted into dozens of questions, shouted epitaphs, and a great many smiles. All of the teachers did what they could to quiet the room, but it took a few minutes to restore enough order to allow the Headmaster to continue.

“I heard a lot of questions out there, so let me try to answer a few quickly before we start reading off team rosters. First of all, you will be graded on this! If you shirk your duties you may not graduated, so I urge you to take this seriously. Secondly, we will be assigning the teams based on our own assessment of your powers, temperament, and abilities. Once put on a team there will be no trading around!”

At this last statement quite a few students shouted about the unfairness of it all, but Headmaster Summers simply kept on talking.

“Finally, I want you all to know that this is supposed to be fun. Rather than being cooped up in a classroom you'll get a chance to act the hero with school sanction! Now, we're going to start reading off a list of teams and your faculty mentors. Good luck and have a great year!”

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