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Day one of your prison sentence is about to begin, the bus trip through the desert was fairly uneventful, and it’s not like the view is a feast for the eyes; a dusty landscape on every side, with the occasional side-dish of tumbleweed, though a mountain is steadily rising in your far horizon, the destination. The guards quell any sign of commotion, and the collar strapped around your neck has so far served its purpose and kept any metahuman powers you may or may not possess in check.

As you get closer to the mountain, the facility reveals itself as a gigantic metal door, carved into the living rock. As the bus approaches, the gate slides ajar with the whine of sirens accompanying it, simultaneously as the speaker system whines into action and your bus driver announces, a little too jovially, what by now is the bloody obvious: ”Take look at that beautiful sun, ladies and gentlemen, cause it’s the last you’re gonna see of it in a long, long time.” earning him a glare from a good portion of the passengers.

Finally the bus screeches to a halt, and the gate closes once again ”Welcome to Darkcastle! We thank you for choosing Con-Busways; we hope you enjoy your stay.” you and your fellow inmates get herded outside like so much cattle somber officers, most of them in power suits, who lead you into the facility, and what is very shortly to be your home in the foreseeable future.

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