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The Jewels of Belethia were a set of gem carved into the shape of a figure and infused by an ancient magic long since forgotten. Legend has it that they were carved by Harvin the Wandering Mage of the first age. He walked the length of this land from the centre most spot where he built his keep to the very ends of the world. When he reached a point where he could go no further he built a new keep and carved a figure placing them deep with in the vast underground lairs. It was said that each gem could transport a person in an instant back to the main keep of Harvin.

It is also said that Harvin was working for the Dragons that the lairs and keeps were built for the last of their kind far away from the reaches on man. The magic of Harvin set into a ring of matching stone allowed him to travel back to each lair to visit with his charges once his wandering days were over, that he may see they needed for nothing. For he too was the last of his kind the last true mage of old.

But this is all legend and truth be most of it has faded beyond myth for most but a few scholars. For the ages have past till be now stand in the blessed year of the full moon in the 5th age, a new age begins soon, a new time for new beginnings and as such it seems fitting that the age will begin unbeknownst to all with the small insignificant discovery of an old ring by an adventuring band of fellows.

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