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This is going to be a basic game, hopefully long-term starting at 1st level and hopefully going into the teens and beyond. This is set in a world of my own creation. Some names and places I have stolen from some of my favorite books.

It is a dark time on the vast continent of Aedon. The centuries upon centuries of wealth and prosperity are over. In the country of Aedon, the main country on the continent, the Mad king rules from a distant fortress in the blasted lands. Death and destruction were rampant in the horrid years following the Mad Kingís hostile takeover where he overthrew the High King Edmund and plunged this land into what some are calling the Cursed Age. It is the year CA 37; the 37th year since the Mad King took over and in a far corner of his kingdom, there is a glimmer of hope. The small port town of Thrithing has been laid siege to by a young Black Dragon, who demands tribute from the townspeople. Thatís where you come in.

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