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You are an adventurer. Well versed in your chosen trait too. In your adventures you have found it extremely handy to have magical items to use in tightish spots. For this very reason you are in the wizards guild in the large city of Scornubel, just passing through, awaiting your next adventure to come by.

While perusing the selection in the front of Scornubel's premier wizard's guild, the Blue Cape, a young apprentice busts from a back room and looks around the room. In a shaky, higher-pitched voice he makes an announcement. "To all adventurers willing, please follow me. An item is in need of recovery and for your troubles, an item you will receive." Looking around, you see three other people in the guild's front shop. In a somewhat excited and confused hustle, you all make your way through the door and past the nodding apprentice. You enter a smaller meeting room and find yourself standing before an elderly man, wearing flowing blue robes and sporting longish white hair with a matching goatee. The young mage stumbles in again behind the collected troupe and bows to the man, announcing again in his shaky voice "My Lord Nalamber, the requested.". With a wave of his hand the obvious senior mage dismisses the bumbling boy. Standing, the old man walks around the desk and sits on its front before addressing you. "As my apprentice hopefully mentioned, I have a sort of search and rescue mission, more really a rescue, for you fair folk of adventuring status. A senior member of The Blue Capes has hit a spot of trouble. His manor was broken into a short time ago and a valuable item was stolen from his premises. After some divining he has located the object but is long past his years and feels unable to recover it himself. Therefore he has asked us to help him recover it. As a reward you will receive a magical item costing no more than 2,000 gold pieces which will be made for you. Fair?"

Walking to a wall to your right, the mage removes a scroll from a shelf and scans it. "The item in question is an enchanted battle axe. It is supposedly magnificently crafted and tremendous in power, but poor Baldwin seems to have not really given me any actual solid details on it. Other than saying 'you'll know it when you find it...' Good wizard. Bad storyteller. Well, other than that I can take you where the item is and fill you in on a few more details after we get our introductions, skill-set, and requested item out of the way." Beaming at the group, the wizard returns to his chair. "I'll start. I am Wizard Nalamber and acting leader of this chapter of The Blue Cape. And you fine looking folks are...?"

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