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[An Introduction]
This is a one on one style DnD game, you and other players may choose to party up for certain quests as you want. No obligations. The world is of my own creation, and what you do may greatly or insignificantly influence the game-play other players will receive.

[Game Master]
Me, Soryas, of course!

[Game Explanation]
In this world, blood contains power. There are very few legends that speak of a group, who were gifted with Darastrix's blood. These people covered a wide amount of races: elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes, halflings, and many others few have heard of. Many people called them heroes, and almost revered them as demi-gods. As time began to slip by the Darastrixians became a divided nation. Some believed themselves Gods, beings to be worshiped by the weak mortals. While others believed in helping with the mortals' blight and in aiding them ascend. The following decade was then marked by the great Cataclysm. A 5-year war between both sides which in the end, resulted in the utter obliteration of every Darastrixian.

It has been eons since the Cataclysm and Darastrix's blood a long forgotten and distant memory. This is where you adventurers come in. Power is never destroyed, only changed. Or in this case, it was simply dormant. Though no one remembers anything of the Cataclysm and of the importance of Darastrix's Legacy, everyone knows that blood is the key to power. As to how this power is reflected is different for everyone, some gain magical abilities, others have incredible strength, some even seem to be incredibly agile and can perform feats that commoners never thought possible.

What's important: As you begin adventuring, you'll find bits and clues of what happened during the Cataclysm and of the price that has yet been paid for the mistakes of the past.

I am on quite often and live in California, as stated before, I'll play with each adventurer one or one, but remember, you are all part of the same world, and you can, if you want party up. Things like that. I'm pretty open to creativity so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and we can work something out.

[Application Process]
The application process is simple, make a character sheet. We're all level 1 as you are beginning to find your powers. These things should be PMd to me :P Pick out a pic for your characters if you can. Helps with bringing them to life, if not, try to do a good job describing them as it may or may not be important ;]. Also, I'd like a backstory for each character, tell me about them, what their motivation is, why they chose to venture out into the world, stuff like that. The more I can get into your character, the more creative and the more fun I can make the world for you! I won't lie, this is my first time DMing, but most definitely not my first time RPing and making a story, so

[Character Creation]
Source books for characters are as follows, Races of Wild, Destiny, and Stone. PHB 1 + 2, any of the Completes excluding scoundrels. You can either use a 32 point build, or roll your stats. I will allow two re-rolls of a stat that you don't like if they are below 12. BEFORE the race deductions, if any. Any other questions, PM me.

[Any additional information or requirements]
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your source books.

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