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Many thousands of years back the champions of Aeostire banded together to vanquish the dark rising of the Lord Farlesea and his abominations. Despite their best efforts the darkness spread, in a last ditched attempt to save their world the great wizard opened a rift in the fabric of the world this rift drew in all for miles and miles around. The dark army vanished into the void between worlds.

The rift threatened to destroy Aeostire, the great wizard realised he could not close the rift on his own he needed an anchoring point to seal the tear. The void was too unstable to use the dead army as such. Pushing the rift further the great Wizard found a world akin to Aeostire. He managed to open a gate way to the world but he needed a strong anchor, calling on those who had given so much already, he asked for those brave enough to travel through.

Six stepped forward and volunteered. Before they left he marked each with a thread of power and swore that all would know of their bravery and sacrifice and that he would not rest till he found a way to bring them home. With the packs on their backs they stepped through the gate. They emerged on the green grass of this distant world.

Pulling every thread of power he could the great Wizard called forth the power as like none had ever seen used before and sealed the gate trapping the heroes on the alien world and effectively disrupting the weave of magic of Aeostire. The shock wave of magic destroyed the last of the 'great' magic. No one would ever wield such power again. The feats and magic the champions of Aeostire had once know faded and only the basic of skill and training remained. No warrior would could achive the level of skill that the champions had once yielded, mages were vastly limited, magic weapons, items, books were all rendered useless.

The great Wizard survived...just...and when his wound healed, and his wits returned to him, he took the long journey on foot to his mountain tower where he spent the rest of his day trying to fulfil his promise to the lost Champions. He never succeed to recall them, though he's studies were extensive, the magic was lacking. It is said that before he died he made on return visit to the sight of the great battle and rift.

And the Champions? Well the world they arrived on was vastly more primitive than their own, a fertile land of human like fellows. They lived in tribes mainly with a few fortified towns, the sealing of the rift created a void of magic on this world. The weapons of the Champions no longer held any power though they were still greatly more superior to anything on this world. After a few years of wandering the group finally joined a settlement of people offering their help in exchange for shelter. The group took mates from within the tribe and lived the rest of their lives in relative peace.

And so the years rolled on, seasons turned, ages past, and legends became myths with then faded from the mind of the world...but something remembers...and he's hell bent on vengeance...and he may just be able to get it...

Luckly for Aeostire one man remains who remembers only too well and he will sacrifice all to save his land...he is going to restore the Champions! Unfortunately that means a few people on Earth are going to get the shock of their lives as they are sucked into a world of myth and fantasy and may never find a way back...

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