Beast in the Blood

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Something is infecting the mortal population of London. This strange blood disease forces these mortals to become more primal and aggressive and when ingested by Kindred it forces them to lose complete control of their beasts. The Ordo Dracul have no clue about what it is, the Lancea Sanctum blame the Circle while the Circle of Crone blame the Lance. The Carthian movement are calling for the Invictus to surrender power if they cannot bring the situation under control and the Invictus are grasping at straws to try and regain and maintain their power.

Now the Prince is calling a small group of Kindred to investigate and deal with the situation in the hope to calm the volatile scene.

More will be added as it happens.

Character Creation:
Standard +25xp
New World of Darkness Core Book
Vampire: The Requiem Core Book
All Covenant Books
All Clan Books
Other Vampire source books on request

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