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The crowd roars as blood pools at your feet. The now headless corpse of a sahuagin falls to the ground. Trinkets and items of power are thrown from the stands to the collection area around the arena. The blood pounds in your head as you sense exhilaration at the defeat of yet another monstrous party. One of your comrades is slowly being brought back to life as a arena healer says the words of a ritual. The arena, changed from the forest and lake it had been mere ten minutes earlier, reeked of sulfur and peat. Sheathing your blade, you made your back to the arena waiting room, where soon you would be told the team you were to face.

As you sat and waited, not interested in the items sold by a Svirfneblin merchant, The high lady Hollydove Hawklight enters and comes to you. Congratulations. You have made it far enough to fight another party like yourselves. Should you succeed, you will be that much closer to freedom...should you fail... her laughter haunted your thoughts as you entered the arena once more. As the blade wielded by a wilden warrior entered your ribs you knew why...

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