Naruto D20: Third Generation

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Game Information
  • Created Apr 20 '10
  • Last Post Jun 27 '14 at 2:20am
  • Status Complete
  • System Naruto D20

Game Description

This will be based in the naruto world, with all characters that are in the naruto world in the game. Meaning, you could easily come across people such as Naruto and so on…Though, that is not the main premises of the game. New characters will be added, along with old ones changed slightly to fit with mechanics. Meaning the setting will be familiar, but changed enough so that there are a few surprises.

As for what time in the plot, the game will begin in somewhere within the two year time skip between the original series and the shippuden version.

The game will occur during the two year time skip that occurs in the anime and manga, when in that time-laps you do not know. I will hold this information from you to try and avoid meta-gaming. You are a group of six ‘select’ children that reside within a small building under a number of masters, of different focuses. They have tutored all of you in the arts of combat, sabotage and many other thing for many years, some from birth, some not. Most of you, as characters, will know nothing of your past and know only what the masters have taught you and spoken of. You have all been under their tutor-age for at least eight years, meaning you were taken to him very young. Though, a few over people do come along from time to time and teach you select things.

You have been kept separate from the ninja world for almost all of your life, and been trained tirelessly. All of you would be early teens, perhaps mid-teens, and will have all ready had your first kill. You belong to no village, and wear no head-band. You could call yourself Nukenin, missing ninja, though none of you appear in any village records and hence are not hunted. You are children without a past, only a future that is still unclear to you.

You are all ‘special’ in some way, meaning clans, special traits and so on. I will allow almost any ‘bonus’ other than demons, this is very important to remember. I have no problem with having a few sharingan users…But let’s remember, the clan would still be whipped out. In other words, I want everyone to be unique and not have a group of similar people. This means in terms of personality, history and mechanics of the character.

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