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Chorus city was founded only 10 years ago. It was a joint venture by Aeon Technologies, Lotus Corporation, and Shard Medicines Limited. A model of the future, nearly everyone works either for one of the corporations, in the service industry aiding those that do, or in public service. Like all places that people call home, so do some supers, at least it was only a few before the Flash.

The city's once great protector Guardian Light defeated the greatest super mind the city had ever known Arken Mach, and foiled whatever plot he had for the city. Unfortunately in the process of stopping the mad man a warehouse owned by Lotus Corporation was destroyed in a great explosion. That day, the day the city's hero died became known as the Flash. However the Flash seemed to have an effect on some people. Some, in the few block radius living around the event gained super abilities. Some gained them immediately, some not until later on, and there are those that didn't seem affected at all.

In more recent events the government has begun to ask that all people showing signs of super human ability are encouraged to register with them. Those that do are then asked to make a tough decision. Either agree to have your powers limited or work for the government using your powers to help everyone. This is not a easy thing to decide, however the government has promised to wipe clean the records of any super that agrees.

It is another week until the registration deadline closes and many wonder what will happen then. You however belong to a team formed in the last few months to help fight crime and protect the city. The team has yet to decide whether or not to register, but as you sit down to discuss it the phone rings. The number is 878 367 2253, and the message is simple, you need to get to the Second Imperial Bank on Spring Street quickly. You are off, Three blocks to the Action.

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