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Hi guys! So, this is my first game here and I know some people will say: "Oh shouldn't you maybe join another first or not try to make it like this?" but I have thought it out and think it can work, if we don't just think like we must stick to the rules the way they were written! Uh so I guess I should say what this is then! :) Well, this is using the 3.5 version of D&D because it has the most options I like, in a homebrew world (??? - not official world right?), and basically we are throwing away most of the rules and leaving only the ideas that they were made for to build up a character; so maybe you call this more fan-fiction than RPG (by the way, sorry if I make some mistakes, I learned English as my third language and I don't use it very often really!).

What we do is build up the world as it is needed and use whatever pieces from official worlds work best if making up a whole new thing is too tricky or long. The players or the writers will each be a character representing a class from the core books, maybe about level 5 as the rules say, just starting out on their first major adventures and we follow them as they rise to be the most famous and most powerful heroes in all the land! Here is a special twist though: it is the players / the writers who come up with the plots and the villains! What plot is followed is decided by suggestion and majority in the ooc discussion topic, but the villains get thought up alone and then sent to me in a private message, then I send them out at appropriate times and play them as well but as fairly as I can. There are two characters in the story which will need filling regardless of how else the group is made: the Main Hero and the Main Villain!

The Main Hero is one of the players / writers, the party leader or the centre of the group, why they stick together. Using the written rules makes him a Lawful Good character, maybe a paladin to show his uncompromising goodness and sense of justice that will bind the story and the characters together. The Main Villain I pick randomly from an early selection of villains sent to me in a PM and will be a recurring threat - if this was a comic book or a TV show, he always gets to come back eventually. He may even become good for a while and be perfectly sincere about it - like being so sincere that in the rules the Atonment spell doesn't cost XP for the cleric - but then suddenly get kicked back into villainy by something unexpected.

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