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It has been three years since the Wars of Scourging. Three years since the enslavement of the dragonblooded ended and the damage is still nowhere near healed. The Orbs of Dragonkind were scattered, once again, across the planes when Amdalax the Ever-Cursed was finally brought to his knees and wiped from existence. For all his power, earned and stolen alike, the heretic had not been able to withstand the combined forces massed against him, gathered from all the races and peoples of many worlds and realities. But his legacy remains, even if all universes were healed of his madness at the same instant.

Having united the powers of the Orbs of Dragonkind, Amdalax did more than strengthen their individual properties, but establish dominion over the very minds and souls of anything with draconic blood. Countless millions were enslaved to his will and used to conquer those yet free, to bring all under his control and thereby give him strength enough to overthrow each and every one of the gods. The wise know that any who now possess one of the Orbs and unlocks its capabilities again will be able to command legions and this cannot be allowed to happen by any means.

And so the greatest heroes of the Wars of Scourging were summoned to seek out the Orbs and destroy them, lest the next time they are united in the hands of one man, they are not prevented from granting such unimaginable power...

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