An End to the Beginning

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Game Information
  • Created May 10 '10
  • Last Post Jun 11 '10 at 11:38pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Vampire: Masquerade

Game Description

Storyteller - TheDego
Game - Vampire the Requiem
Location - Detroit, Michagen

Story Concept -
The idea is to have players start out at a meeting, all strangers to one another and new to the city. From the point of exiting the meeting everyone will get a private thread to play a sort of solo game. Within this private thread i'll assume you will try your best and most devious ways to undermine all the other players. The whole idea is to back-stab and claw your way to the top, be it a spot as regeant, primogen or even as the new prince... To do so you will have the other players trying for the same thing, but you in your private thread wont have a clue as whos trying to do what against you or to help. Thus giving the game a bit of mystery and challenge. There will be bi-weekly meeting, giving players a chance to see the others on an eye to eye basis, and treaties can be formed, alliances, enemies to be made...
There will open and public threads for the meetings, and other things like, social events, instances around the city, a news thread to keep current on whats going on. A private thread for every player, and private threads for players who have aligned, so they can speak to one another (privately).

Introduction -
The first meeting...
A run down and depleted wharehouse, aged but sturdy enough to stand straight. The metallic walls stained with dirt, grime, vomit and all manner of filth. The doors leading in, one attached the other hanging at an odd angle, with one hinge barely managing that job. The air inside musty and stale, a feint taste of rust mixed within it. Inside lies dust covered machinery, automobile parts, frames, engine parts, all scattered about the floor. Each one with a years worth of dust covering it, some with smears upon them while others have been handled.
There is a staircase leading up to what appears to be an operational office. It doesnt seem safe at all, or sturdy by the looks of it. The steps are almost dust free as is the wobbly hand rail leading up, meaning somebody has climbed them, and awaits at the top. The platform at the rise of the stairs seems stable, and the floor creaks only a minimum of times as you walk across it. There is only one door here, the small window painted black long ago, a small hole boarded over at the bottom of the door. Inside this door, are fifteen chairs in a sem-circle, some of them have patrons already seated, some are yet to be filled. At the center of the seated guests is a larger, more elegant chair. Sitting comfortably within is a man you have yet to see wandering the streets, and you have a grand recollection as to why.
"Alas, the last of my current contestants have arrived. Please feel free to take any seat you desire." The man motions with hand at the empty chairs spread out before him.
"Now let me get to the point of calling you here. I am Prince Alvin Suvarious Witt, and YOU... may be my newest primogen. If you haven;t noticed there are very few of our kind in this city, and the ones we do have are like you, new to the area or neonates. I have very few and far less trusted regeants around, and that is much to my distaste."
"This is the reason i have called you here, a challenge of sorts. A proven method from times long gone, but the results are far the best in my opinion. I am looking for the best of whats available to me, and i will choose from those you will be seeing here. We will all come here every other week to here new plans or changes to such plans. If you do not show for a meeting then i will have you exiled from partaking and your contention will no longer be valid."
"To start off i want you all to know this will be a game of sorts, a brutal game in fact. Where i will be watching avidly, and partaking in from time to time. I have spent a few years setting things up for this event, and i am eager to see the results. This game i speak of includes you all, and others that may come along, in an attempt to gain my trust and my ear. Though doing so will not be easy! You will have to prove yourself amongst the others you see sitting beside you, and you must do so by a few rules i will set forth. In the end, which does not have a set date...yet... you will be given primogen capacity or other optional treasures of your choice."
"Now the very simple rules i have for you...
1. there will be no sending a ghoul or other method to a competitor during the day for an easy kill.
2. i will not tolerate bloodshed between two competitors based from phsyical combat.
3. no outside forces may be applied in helping you in this game.
4. the manipulation or using of Andrea Barlow is strictly off limits.
5. all blood banks, hospitals, and military areas are non competive areas. any competition or hostile actions taken within these areas will result in immediate disqualification from the game..."
"Now i will answer no questions, and i will leave you to greet one another if you wish or to take your leave, and get to work. The game will start tomorrow upon the setting of the sun, and i implore you if you do not own a television find access to one."
The Prince stands up from his chair and exits the room, as quiet as ever.
(as of right now, nobody knows much about the prince, he is Ventrue, and possibly Carthian, but beyond that nothing is known.)

House Rules and Character Creation -

Anything from any of the bloodlines or coteries books can be used to make your vampire.
make your vampire as a starting character and you will get 30 additional freebie points to spend as you see fit.
i will not allow the 'gilded cage' from the 'architects of the monolith' bloodline. later on if you prove in character you can handle that then it is possible to attain but not from the start.
other than that i stay mainly to the system rules, if you are unsure about something feel free to ask me.

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