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The Peninsula of Ishiza, a beautiful place to live full of vast, lush forests, high peaked, snowy mountains, and roaring rivers of fresh blue springs, that was, if it wasn’t for the monsters and demons that roamed the land. Even the simplest serf carries a blade and buckler, women and children armed with daggers, all in fear of being robbed, killed, or worse. Many have gone on brave adventures to try and conquer these beasts, or find what causes them to attack the people and stop it, none have come back alive.

Many speak of a great and powerful demon that commands the other monster’s to do his bidding or face his wrath; others say it is a sorcerer or a very powerful magus who can bend the minds of these beasts. Many that have been slain have been heard screaming with their dying breath “Alika”, which is undercommon for “master.”

It is the seventeenth year of the fourth age, “The Age of Monsters” as it has been dubbed by many, knight and serf alike. You, a band of adventurers and thrill seekers, now attempt to make your own chronicle, to pass where many others have failed and fallen, and to rid these lands of the evil that makes other’s weep and cringe in their holes, their young trembling at their feet.

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