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This is going to be a test run of an unfinished campaign I've been working on for a few weeks, it's very story driven and I hope you'll like it. I've only been DM a small handful of times, so I'm open to suggestions if you have any as the game progresses, but please PM them to me. Otherwise please keep in mind that I'm rather new to this so please be patient with me.

BOOKS: DMG, PHB1, ComWarrior, and ComArcane. And the ELHB if it gets that far (which I doubt).

Looking for 3-5 characters, Starting at Level 1. No Evil, No Orc or Half Orc. All Classes.
No starting weapons or armor. Only Basic Clothing. You will have an opportunity to get these things before any combat.
Any other questions go ahead and ask.


In a land of hidden beauty and unmatched glory, of limitless possibilities and untamed power. Is where I wish I could say your journey begins. But alas you were meant for something different, your story will be filled with strife and danger. A perilous quest through unfamiliar lands. For you begin your new lives as slaves, and though no physical bonds prevent your escape, every time you've tried to leave you become dizzy and confused, lost and uncertain until you begin your return.
Your master you know only as Lord Histoli, and you have served him for as long as you remember. He has treated you and the other slaves fairly, providing you all with your basic needs, and even at times allowing you to earn a few extra silver.

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