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The game is based on an old (pre 1995) MUD game world that has been persistent for almost 15 years. As such it has a rich history, lots of places to go, and plenty of cool NPCs to meet, greet, and beat.

"The land of Tirnaill is not a true realm in it's own right. Little if anything existed upon the primordial land at its creation. The volatile magics of the land eventually rent the very fabric of space apart creating a portal to another world. Life, land, and the elements flooded forth from this world into the land of Tirnaill creating the first species and the first habitable land. Across the history of Tirnaill this process has repeated itself as natural, volatile magic builds up and opens a new portal that exists for a short time dragging through it new flora and fauna, often times against their will. Various societies have sprung up across the land catering to the sentient races and their individual needs. Many mysteries await outside the walls of the cities from the kobold infested Ferrain forested mountain, the nearly alive Sea of Immotar, to the fabled and remote Elder Lands. Do you have the courage to venture forth from your safe lives into the Otherworld, Tirnaill."

A little bit of info:

This is a pretty long post so I probably forgot something. Let me know if I missed some crucial information or if something isn't clear.

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